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April 16, 2021

10 curious places from all over the world

Although we can not travel and discover the world right now, we can plan our next journey, waiting for the moment when it can take place. To help you with your plans, we’ve found 10 exciting information on destinations around the world – curious and unknown facts – that will surely inspire you to explore.

  1. Mongolia is the most sparsely populated country in the world

    Mongolia is a vast landlocked country stretching from Russia in the north to China in the south. It may not be the largest country in the world, but it certainly does, as it has the lowest population density in the world. In some areas, it may take days to meet a person. And with such different and impressive landscapes as mountainous terrain, wavy plateaus, meadows and arid desert steppes, it may be the escape of our dreams.

    2. Granada, Spain known as the “cave capital” of Europe

    The Sacromonte and Guadix Caves in Granada house communities that still enjoy the old Spanish cave lifestyle, dating back to the 15th century. Inside the stony formations there are 2,000 underground houses, which have been discreetly carved in stone. In the past, people resorted to these caves to avoid religious and racial persecution. Today, they continue to offer shelter to the inhabitants who still live underground, as has been the case for centuries.

    3.Oymyakon in Russia is the coldest inhabited place on Earth

    The Oymyakon Valley in Yakutia – or the Cold Pole – is located in northeastern Russia. There, temperatures can reach -70 ℃ and the cold is so great that even alcohol freezes. In this seemingly uninhabited village with few modern amenities, live 500 inhabitants of Siberia who engage in traditional activities such as reindeer grazing, hunting and fishing. Tourism has also become popular for those who can withstand adverse weather conditions.

    4. China has made a copy of Paris

    On the outskirts of Hangzhou in China, there is “Little Paris” as the locals call it. This luxurious architectural and mechanical achievement features a replica of the Eiffel Tower (although at one-third the size of the original, it is still the second largest replica after the one at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel in the USA), Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysées, Fountain from the Luxembourg Gardens and an almost perfect imitation of the boulevards of the French capital, with its neoclassical buildings.

    5. In the Bahamas you will see the largest underwater sculpture in the world

    The water is transparent but hides surprises in New Providence. In the depths of the ocean is hidden the largest underwater sculpture (which weighs 60 tons and has a height of 5.5 meters) and is called “Ocean Atlas”. The artist who created it, Jason deCaires Taylor, creates many underwater sculptures that usually attract marine life to the previously deserted seabed.

    6. The island of Galesnjak in Croatia has the perfect heart shape

    Although there are several heart-shaped islands in the world, Galesnjak in Croatia has the most perfect shape of all. It used to be uninhabited but today works are being carried out to turn it into an unforgettable romantic destination, which will soon host wedding ceremonies and trips.

    7. Denmark is the cleanest country in the world

    Denmark, full of charm, culture and love for coffee, has many aspects to discover. It has now become a world leader in the environment, being named the cleanest country in the world by the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) for 2021. Denmark’s pioneering environmental culture is part of everyday life – such as the state-of-the-art building CopenHill. It is a waste generating unit that converts the city’s waste into heat and energy, but also has a downhill ski slope. Throughout the year you will find families and professionals to enjoy the exciting journey.

    8. A village in Turkey still uses the “language of birds” in everyday life

    In the Turkish village of Kuşköy there is a rare, whistling language, called the “language of birds”. Despite its name, this language is not used to communicate with birds but by villagers living in the mountains of Kuşköy. Messages can be as complex as human language and high-pitched sounds are a unique way to communicate over long distances. This ancient custom was included in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO for 2017, so we can be lucky and hear this language among the foliage of the trees one day.

    9. New York Central Park is the location that appears most in movies

    Central Park is the New Yorker refuge from the Manhattan noise that surrounds the park. It is the first public park in America with green spaces, monuments, sculptures, endless bridges, migratory birds and even a zoo, and offers many options for walking.

    10. You can cross Liechtenstein in less than a day

    If exploring a city on a weekend was once a thrilling challenge, try crossing a country on foot in a matter of hours. The small but beautiful country of Liechtenstein is just 25 km away. from north to south and 4km. from east to west, so whichever direction you follow, you can cross the country in a few hours. The only difficulty is that, as it is located in the heart of the Alps, you will encounter steep slopes on your way.



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